Benefice of West Barnsley

Cawthorne Parish Church

The church in Cawthorne today is on a journey of faith which has developed through the hard work of the Clergy and the Ministry Group.   New initiatives have been introduced and absorbed by the congregation and we have been fortunate in having many parishioners who are willing and able to develop ideas brought forward.   However, during the covid period, our church has taken many blows, not least of which had been the suspension of weekly services, the loss of two priests and the heightened sense of risk amongst parishioners. This has had a major impact on our church which might have taken some time to recover from.

However, in 2023 we have a new Benefice wide Vicar, an exciting challenge to build the adjacent rural parishes of four churches into four unique but coherent team players.

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 All matters, but particularly regarding Safeguarding, are treated very seriously and we want to help you get the best possible guidance/action available.  We care for all with a sense of deep pastoral care and understand the huge amount of courage it takes to make contact on such a sensitive matter as this. Please go to our 'Safeguarding' Page on our Website where you will be able to see local contact and also wider contact and guidance within our diocese.  Alternatively you can  click here to go to the Church of England Safeguarding site which has even more information on a national level.

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